Watch the Canadian national team prank their coach with on-pitch fight

Training sessions can get pretty intense, especially when players have to battle the heat, exhaustion and a list of other factors. Occasionally things can boil over, too, and players can come to blows.

While training for this summer's upcoming Olympics, Canada's Allysha Chapman and Melissa Tancredi got into a scuffle on the pitch. Or, so that's how the story went ...

WATCH: Allysha Chapman and Melissa Tancredi got into a training pitch scuffle today. What came next? Well... #CANWNT

— Canada Soccer (@CanadaSoccerEN) July 20, 2016

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In fact, the dust-up was a ruse to prank manager John Herdman for his birthday, which was July 19. Not exactly your run-of-the-mill birthday surprise, but the team appears to have pulled it off masterfully.

Not only did it look like a pretty genuine fight, Herdman received a face full of what is probably some tasty shaving cream for his concern. The player that crept around with the shaving cream expertly hidden behind her back deserves a special kudos.

With Rio coming up, Herdman can hang his hat on his team's ability to choreograph a quality set piece.