Paul Pogba played pickup hoops in a full LeBron James Cavs uniform

While everyone waits to see if and when Manchester United will blow the transfer record out of the water and secure Paul Pogba from Juventus, the midfielder is spending his time relaxing in Miami, Florida.

As you'd expect athletes to do, Pogba and his friend, Everton's Romelu Lukaku, killed some time by playing a little bit of pickup hoops. There's one catch, though: Pogba opted to don a full LeBron James uniform. Not just the shorts, and not just the jersey ... but the whole shebang. The only thing missing was the compression sleeve on his arm (and receding hairline).

Paul Pogba et Romelu Lukaku profitent de leurs vacances Miami

— Actu Foot (@ActuFoot_) July 20, 2016

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He eventually ditched the jersey and just went with skins, but soccer fans have a name for someone similar that wears an entire uniform: a full-kit ... never mind. That's not to say that Lukaku's getup was much better, playing in what appeared to be board shorts or loungewear, at best.

But Pogba, who normally falls on the side of fashion leader rather than fashion leper, will have to take the "L" on this one. It's goofy enough to wear an entire uniform, but what's more, he rocked LeBron's Cavs colors on the court ... in Miami, of all places.

1 v 1 avec mon gars sur! 1 v 1 against my bro! @paulpogba #IsLife #miami #WorkOut

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To be fair, though, any Heat jerseys with LeBron's name the Miami area are probably hard to come by, unless Pogba checked people's fire pits. And