New Bayern Munich boss Carlo Ancelotti has long been renowned for his ability to manage teams filled with world class players and the egos that inevitably come with that talent. Speaking to Sport Bild, Ancelotti revealed one of his secrets: he's passed disciplinary duties on to his captain Philipp Lahm.

From a practical standpoint, it makes sense. Lahm is ostensibly an extension of Ancelotti in training and on the pitch, and having the captain hold his teammates accountable rather than Ancelotti having to act as tactician and disciplinarian is an intelligent move.

"I am not a fan of coaches punishing their players," Ancelotti said. "I prefer it when players deal with it among themselves. I make the rules, but it is up to the players to keep an eye on each other."

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All of this is great, and Lahm is a consummate professional who'll surely keep his Bayern teammates in line for Carlo.

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But man, imagine tiny Lahm pulling Robert Lewandowski aside to let him know he's being fined because he was too busy dancing in the car and couldn't get into training in time.

And is the little fella going have it in him to fine David Alaba when he shows up late because he was preoccupied with pulling off the ultimate prank on his best bud Franck Ribery?

You're really telling me Lahm, who may or may not be an extra in every Peter Pan movie ever, is going to stare down Arturo Vidal if he comes in late after a long night tearing down the bierhaus with Thomas Mller? C'monnnnnnnnn.

Who knows? All that matters is, it's not Carlo's problem anymore.