Orlando Magic open themselves up to world of pain on Twitter

The Orlando Magic had a...vexing...offseason of acquisitions and front office maneuvering.

The team brought in addition rim protection in Serge Ibaka in exchange for a insignificant cache of talent in Victor Oladipo, Ersan Ilyosova and the rights to 2016 first-round draftee Domantas Sabonas.

That move gave fans pause, and only became more vexing when the team doubled down on lane enforcement by signing former Toronto Raptors center-forward Bismack Biyombo to a four-year $72 million.

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This move was the one that sent Magic fans into a tailspin of "Oh no, we're doing it again" panic. But there was no place for them to formally congregate and express this with the team. Until Saturday.

Describe our offseason in three words . . . #2016In3Words

— Orlando Magic (@OrlandoMagic) July 16, 2016

The Magic tweeted out a message to their followers asking them to sum up their offseason with three words. Turns out: bad call.

@OrlandoMagic horrible life decisions

— Preston Scott McGraw (@preston_mcgraw) July 16, 2016

@OrlandoMagic dealing with failure

— Quinn R.J Koller (@Qu1nn_Esk1mo) July 16, 2016

@OrlandoMagic 100 percent trash

— Clayton (@CJRiddell27) July 16, 2016

@OrlandoMagic failed free agency

— Josh (@jsh_msn) July 16, 2016

@OrlandoMagic who needs scoring

— Jon Steele (@SteeleNole) July 16, 2016

@OrlandoMagic Thunder robbed you

— Brady the GOAT (@ballitmut) July 16, 2016

@OrlandoMagic bye bye Oladipo

— BJM (@BobbyJenksMUT) July 16, 2016

@OrlandoMagic Good Future Ruined.

— Shane Artest (@SHANEwsNBA) July 16, 2016

@OrlandoMagic waste of money

— BigRedIsVFL (@clint_b83) July 16, 2016

@OrlandoMagic Too many bigs

— Joshua Tyler (@LebaneseBogan) July 16, 2016

@OrlandoMagic absolutely no offense

— Bradley Binder (@Bradley_Binder) July 16, 2016

Brush it off, Orlando. The timeline comes for all of us.

Dan is on Twitter. His offseason in three words: Gator ain't real.