The internet reacts to Simone Zaza's missed penalty kick, trolls hard

The internet, as it does, had a lot of thoughts about Germany's win over Italy in a penalty kick shootout on Saturday.

The nine-round shootout finished with Germany prevailing yet again, despite their worst performance from the spot in a very long time. It was a surprising nail-biter, and the U.S. Women's National Team was glued to the action on their way to practice:

This is what happens when #GERITA goes to PKs but it's time to go to practice... #FootballAllDay #EURO2016

— U.S. Soccer WNT (@ussoccer_wnt) July 2, 2016

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But most of the internet's reaction was reserved for the attempt from Italy's Simone Zaza. He showed everyone that if you're going to miss, you might as well miss in style. Unfortunately, Zaza was substituted into the match after 120 minutes specifically for the shootout:

Zaza's heat map

— Football Fights (@footbalIfights) July 2, 2016

His "dance" of tiny stutter steps up to the ball built anticipation and then, well, it was a disaster. His first and only touch on the ball sailed wildly beyond the net. After the match, Zaza began trending on Twitter in the United States.

Some joked that it resembled the "running man challenge" that has gone viral online over the past year:

The Original Running Man Challenge by the Maryland Terps 😂

— Running Man (@RunMan_) April 21, 2016

Plenty of people had other thoughts on what it resembled though: