Iceland's jersey maker can't keep up with demand as Scotland fans swoop in

Iceland are the darlings of the world right now, thanks to their run to the Euro quarterfinals. Nobody thought they would get this far and generate this much buzz. Not even their kit suppliers, Errea.

The company confirmed that they're struggling to make enough replica kits to meet demand. Everyone wants an Iceland jersey and Errea are churning them out as quickly as they can, but it's still not quickly enough.

"We are having huge demand and since Iceland beat England I has gone crazy," said Errea export manager Fabrizio Taddei.

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Obviously, nearly everyone in Iceland wants a jersey, but it's not just there. People all over the world are trying to get their hands on one.

There is one foreign country that has been chasing Iceland jerseys especially hard, though.

"There have been thousands and thousands of orders from Scotland," Taddei said.

I wonder if that could have anything to do with Iceland beating England to make the quarterfinals? After all, Scotland was the lone Home Nations side to not make the Euros, and then they were also the lone one not to make the knockout stages. They don't have much to cheer for of their own, so you better believe they're hopping on the bandwagon of the plucky underdog that sent England home.

This story has it all:

- Amazing underdog: check
- Goliath falling: check
- Fans going nuts: check
- Pettiness: check

Thanks for rounding things out, Scotland.