Watch the Wales players go nuts celebrating England's loss

Wales and England are both part of Great Britain, but there's a pretty good rivalry between the two. Or at least there can be, when Wales have a good team and can compete with the Three Lions, who are usually the dominant Home Nations side.

You know, like now, when Wales are into the Euro quarterfinals. Meanwhile, England, well, they lost to Iceland. And when they did ...

#Ramsey #Bale and the rest of the #WAL team celebrating #ENG crashing out of #EURO2016 #Wales #England #Iceland

— Rich Hall (@R1CH_H4LL) June 28, 2016

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That's the Wales team celebrating England's loss. To say they were happy to see the Three Lions go down would be an understatement.

When asked about it, the Welsh players said it wasn't about seeing England lose. They were happy that Iceland won because, like them, Iceland were another small country underdog that won their first knockout stage match in a major tournament ever. Maybe that's true, maybe it's not. Either way, it's great to see Wales lose their minds over a match on the other side of the bracket. It doesn't affect them, but everyone, including particiating teams, are all-in on these major tournament matches just like you and me.