Iceland company trolls England with free whale-watching tour

Tail of a Humpback whale , Húsavik Iceland

Tail of a Humpback whale , Húsavik Iceland

Iceland might be newcomers on the major-tournament circuit, but they've quickly mastered the art of playful banter. A whale-watching company has offered to take England's national team players on a free boat tour "as a bandage for wounded pride, after the loss against Iceland this coming Monday," according to The Guardian.

A stunning win against Austria propelled the small island nation to second place in Group F on the final day of group play, earning them the right to play England -- which finished second in Group B.

Not one to be intimidated by the prospect of playing the 1966 World Cup champions, North Sailing's Gudbjartur Jonsson is confident Iceland will continue their run. If so, that'd mean the Three Lions will be sent packing … but Jonsson aims to ensure they won't leave empty-handed. Here he is, via The Guardian:

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"It is only polite and a part of the Icelandic hospitality culture to offer the free tickets.

"The poor English players will anyways not be able to return immediately to England after the match on Monday, as 60 million English football fans will be furious when losing to a small island state with only 300,000 inhabitants.

"Therefore we offer a peaceful day with whale-watching in a small town in Northern Iceland with beautiful nature and nice people. That should be the perfect compensation."

That is some quality passive-aggressive smack talk. Now the ball is in your court, England fans.