David Ortiz is Boston through and through. He loves the city and the teams that play for Beantown.

So it doesn't come as much of a surprise that the Boston Red Sox icon is not pleased about Tom Brady's four-game suspension for Deflategate. And Ortiz says that if Brady isn't playing for the New England Patriots at the start of next season, Ortiz won't be watching.

"I think it's stupid, to be honest with you," Ortiz told Sports Illustrated in a Q&A. "Put it this way: You're talking about the one player that everybody wants to watch play. We're not just talking about any player. We're talking about Tom Brady. If I turn on the TV on Sunday to watch a Patriots game and I know that Tom Brady is not playing, I would turn off the TV. I don't want to watch that game."

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Ortiz might be upset about the Brady suspension, but Red Sox fans are happy with the 40-year-old slugger, who has 13 homers and a league-leading 46 RBI this season.