Cubs manager Joe Maddon shares one of the regrets of his life

Chicago Cubs manager Joe Maddon has a very laidback outlook on life. His managerial style perfectly reflects his loose and carefree attitude.

But when asked one of his greatest regrets, Maddon said not serving in the military.

"At the time, a very unpopular Vietnam War was going on," Maddon said, via the Chicago Tribune. "At the time, you thought you were very fortunate to not have to do that. But retrospectively, that would be the one lack of experience I missed out on that I wish I had."

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Maddon, who at the time was a student-athlete at Lafayette College, said his father, grandparents and uncles served in the military.

"My dad just wanted me to play football," said Maddon, who was a quarterback at Lafayette. "That's all he wanted me to do."