Peyton Manning seems to be settling into life as a retired two-time Super Bowl-winning quarterback. And that doesn't include donning a headset on the sideline for his alma mater.

Silencing speculation that he has his sights set on the head coaching job at Tennessee, Manning told the crowd at the Middle Tennessee Sports Awards in Nashville on Thursday that he has no aspirations to coach the Volunteers at this time.

Peyton Manning: "No I will not be coaching QBs at Tennessee, but I'll be the biggest #Vols fan this year" #MTSA2016

— Austin Stanley (@AustinStanley81) May 27, 2016

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Asked whether he would allow his 5-year-old son to play football amid the concussion concerns surrounding the game, Manning acknowledged the dangers but said he'll allow it.

Will Peyton Manning let his 5yo play football? "Football is an intense physical game. It's hard to change that." But, yes, he will #mtsa2016

— Jessica Bliss (@JLBliss) May 27, 2016

And as for a potential NFL comeback, don't count on it.

Will Peyton Manning come out of retirement? "I am out of eligibility. I'm expired." He added "Maybe I will, I can't tell you that" #mtsa2016

— Jessica Bliss (@JLBliss) May 27, 2016

Peyton Manning continued: "I didn't get shorted on anything. I got my fill in, so it felt like the right time to stop playing." #mtsa2016

— Jessica Bliss (@JLBliss) May 27, 2016

For now, the five-time MVP will be busy watching football, doing speaking engagements and coming up with new Nationwide jingles.