'Sweet' time had when Bridgewater visits young 'Hey Teddy' fan


Photo: Courtesy Vanessa and Jeremiah Gamble

Six-year-old Obadiah Gamble was tossing a football with his dad Wednesday after school when he received a visit he'd been dreaming of since January.

Minnesota Vikings quarterback Teddy Bridgewater appeared from around the side of their backyard and introduced himself, much to Obadiah's surprise. The 6-year-old had drawn the quarterback's attention during the previous week with a series of videos inviting Bridgewater to his birthday party, which is scheduled for Sunday. But he didn't expect him to show up at his house.

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"Whatcha here for?" Obadiah asked the quarterback.

"I'm here for you," Bridgewater said.

The new friends tossed around the football, ate birthday cake, played paper football and answered questions each had about the other. All told, Bridgewater spent about an hour and a half with Obadiah.

"He was so kind and gracious," Obadiah's mom, Vanessa Gamble, said of Bridgewater. "Everything you hear about him is true. He's so (attentive) and such a sweet spirit. He's just a class act."

Obadiah, a lifelong Vikings fan, began asking his parents in January if he could invite Bridgewater to his birthday party. His parents agreed but also tried to temper his expectations, knowing the quarterback was likely very busy.

Obadiah never lost his enthusiasm for the effort, however, and created a song to invite Bridgewater. He posting a series of clips on Twitter and released a full-length music video of his song, titled "Hey Teddy," last week.

Bridgewater took notice and tweeted out several of the videos. A Minnesota Vikings staff member contacted the family earlier this week saying Bridgewater wanted to stop by their house. He came over after practice Wednesday and gave Obadiah an autographed poster, throwing gloves, towel and hat.

Bridgewater told Obadiah that his teammates and coaches have been singing the song at practice, Gamble said. She also said the quarterback invited Obadiah to come to a practice.

"He was just so engaged and so sincere," she said. "It was just a really sweet time."

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