Matt Harvey isn't getting major-league hitters out and isn't talking to the media.

The New York Mets right-hander left the clubhouse before speaking to reporters after his third consecutive poor outing Tuesday.

And that isn't sitting well with teammate David Wright, the Mets' captain.

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"Obviously, Harvey is going through a rough stretch, I think we've all been there," Wright told the New York Post. "With that being said, I think the consensus is we should all be accountable for what we do on the baseball field.

"All of us like coming in here and talking when we have good games and a few of us, myself included, enjoy coming in here and talking when we don't play well. Accountability is big and I think [Harvey] just had a bit of a lapse in judgement."

Wright added that "you want to be a stand-up guy" but that "sometimes we make decisions that we regret."

The Mets announced Wednesday that they will not skip Harvey's next turn through the rotation, despite his 3-7 record and 6.08 ERA.