Belgium star Romelu Lukaku falls for hilarious FIFA prank

A great believer in his own ability, Romelu Lukaku was confident he would beat Belgium ladies star Cécile de Gernier in a game of FIFA set up by the country's media team.

He was wrong! However, Lukaku didn't actually lose to De Gernier; instead, he was another victim of the No. 1 FIFA player in the world, Koen Weijland.

It was all part of an effort to prank the Everton striker and it worked brilliantly!

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Ahead of the matchup, Lukaku said: "My whole reputation depends on this, guys." Obviously, the former Chelsea player was taking this incredibly seriously!

Up 1-0, everything looked great for Lukaku, but that soon turned on its head as Weijland took control of De Gernier's side.

From that moment on, Lukaku looked in complete despair and bemusement as he was defeated 3-1.

The relief was so incredible when he realized what happened that he took it upon himself to thank God!

Check it out for yourself: