Black Thought from The Roots will rap-recap every NBA Finals game

The Roots are taking on the NBA Finals head-on and hands-on.

On Monday, the Philadelphia rap group/Late Night With Jimmy Fallon house band rolled out "Champion," an original song written and performed by the group that will serve as a de facto theme song during Finals television spots.

"Champion" is good, as far as made-for-TV inspiration jams go. But what I'm excited for is the undertaking Black Thought has signed up for -- €”recapping the entire damn playoffs through the majesty of rap.

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According to XXL Mag's Ted Simmons, Black Thought will be up late after each Finals game rewriting the lyrics to "Champion" to tailor it to whatever happened in the game, which means if Dion Waiters forearm shivers someone in the throat on another in-bounds play, we'll be getting a bar from one of hip hop's most steady MCs the next day describing said chucking.

Questlove told Simmons the rap recaps weren't initially part of the band's plan.

"[Black Thought] has the hardest job because we went a mile further by accident," Questlove said. "It was like 'You know what? We could customize the lyrics for every game. So literally, for the next two weeks, [Black Thought] will be in the studio at 3 in the morning giving a recap or the intro for what happened at that night's game."

I can't wait.

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