Aljamain Sterling has made it clear, time and time again, that he's not too fond of fellow bantamweight Bryan Caraway.

So @BryanCaraway do you want to finally make a name for yourself or will you retire in peace, and become a housewife? #MrTate #UFC196 @ufc

— Aljamain Sterling (@FunkMaster_UFC) March 8, 2016

While speaking to Bloody Elbow before their bout at UFC Fight Night in Vegas this weekend, Sterling called Caraway a "parasite," while also implying that Caraway had no choice but to finally fight him after declining almost every other big fight offered to him by the UFC.

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"[Caraway] said he wanted to fight somebody in the top-five, [Urijah] Faber called him out, he didn't want that fight, he wanted to fight Michael McDonald, who was coming back off a two-year layoff with wrist surgery, multiple wrist surgeries, and same thing with Eddie Wineland, who's coming back from a broken jaw," Sterling said. "He calls out Eddie Wineland, so you can kinda tell a man's character based on the opponent's he's called out."

Even more, Sterling implied that the UFC might be looking for someone to take Caraway and he's just the guy to do it.

"They gave me the sniper rifle and they told me to take him out," Sterling said in jest. "Listen man, I don't know if that's exactly what they want, I mean, they got Meisha, Meisha's awesome, she's a great person, but when you got a guy who is on the bandwagon, who is just kinda riding your coattails, and any type of success you have, any type of sponsors you have, they kinda just leach on to you, I think.

"I mean, it's cool yeah, your girlfriend's hot and she's a badass, the world champion, that's cool, but what have you done?"

Caraway touts a 20-8 professional record but has fought just three times since 2014, notching two wins and a loss, as injuries and personal injuries kept him from accepting fights. In that same time frame, Caraways girlfriend, Tate, has won five fights, including the UFC women's bantamweight title.

Now that he's back, eighth-ranked Caraway has been throw into the deep end of the bantamweight division against the fourth-ranked Sterling, who will be looking for his fourth straight finish.