Portland Trail Blazers forward Meyers Leonard has a good dog named Bella.

Happy Birthday to my little princess @bellaleonard11 Cute puppy goggles

A photo posted by Meyers Leonard (@meyersleonard11) on

Normally, Bella seems like a very obedient pup who can do no wrong.

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Come on Bella I'm trying to relax. But sure I guess I'll come play with you since you're a good pup.

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But like all dogs, sometimes Bella likes to explore, which she did Thursday during the Trail Blazers' last press conference of the season.

Bella roamed into the interview area when head coach Terry Stotts was speaking to the media.

Trail Blazers party crasher, thanks to @MeyersLeonard11 #RipCity #Bella pic.twitter.com/tnGUdfWqYW

— CSNNW (@CSNNW) May 12, 2016

Bella > Riley Curry pic.twitter.com/mVcofbQYjy

— Bruce Ely (@bruceely) May 12, 2016

Leonard had to chase her out of there before she caused any more of a ruckus.


— Kris Koivisto (@KrisKoivisto) May 12, 2016

We don't know what Bella did when she got home, but taking a long nap down by the water seems like a good bet.

Oh Bella. I liked this picture so much I had to post it too. #SleepyPup #DoggyDaycare @bellaleonard11

A photo posted by Meyers Leonard (@meyersleonard11) on