Whoa. When NASCAR announced its three national touring schedules for 2017, there weren't a lot of changes.

Dover moves back to June, the fall Kansas and Talladega races swap and Michigan moves around in August.

And there are only two off-weekends next year instead of three, which elicited strong reactions, from Kevin Harvick's crew chief, Rodney Childers, and Brad Keselowski's spotter, Joey Meier, among others.

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June off weekend gone.... pic.twitter.com/SAJXzu8QAf

— Dale Earnhardt Jr. (@DaleJr) May 5, 2016

The June off week is gone for 2017.... That was my favorite and the only one when the kids are out of school! pic.twitter.com/bqaB9Ee0k9

— Rodney Childers (@RodneyChilders4) May 5, 2016

So you ENJOYED 3 off wkends from February to November? Let me help you with that in 2017.... pic.twitter.com/NkRvSFWn1H

— Joey Meier (@2Spotter) May 5, 2016

Nascar 2017 schedule is for the family. We should just race on Easter & Mothers Day also

— Bob Jeffrey (@EyeInTheSky14) May 5, 2016