Georgia coach Kirby Smart gets hounded about satellite camps 'every five minutes'

It's the on-again, off-again story that most college football fans really don't care about, but that is dividing the coaching fraternity as we know it. We're talking of course about satellite camps, a topic which was all the rage on the SEC coaches' conference call Wednesday.

The SEC of course was openly against the camps and eventually got the conference commissioners to ban them, before the NCAA rescinded the ban a few weeks ago. It left SEC coaches with no choice but to participate, or risk falling behind other programs in other conferences.

One school which will definitely be involved is Georgia, and on Wednesday, Kirby Smart gave a surprising answer when asked just how often he is contacted about participating in these camps.

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"Literally, I get a text every five minutes about another one," Smart said on the conference call, with the quote coming courtesy of

From there, Smart admitted that both he and Georgia have been proactive in the process. Yes, the ban came down a few weeks ago, but he and his staff prepared as if the ban might be lifted, and were ready to push forward once it was.

"My reaction is it kind of is what it is," Smart said. "It's not a situation where we had a major voice as individuals in the decision-making process. We all were aware that it was a possibility, and we all had to prepare kind of going two ways, with and without them. That's what you do as coaches. You have to prepare ahead of time and kind of figure out your plan.

Even still, Smart admitted that Georgia would be careful in electing which camps to take part in. Part of that is checking out the authenticity of each, individual camp, but part of it also is the fact that the Bulldogs rarely have to step outside the state in recruiting.

Smart and his staff have already committed to one camp, at local high school Cedar Grove in June. There, the Bulldogs will be joined by the University of Michigan's coaching staff, including, presumably Jim Harbaugh.

That's interesting of course, since Smart and Harbaugh battled publicly a few months back when Michigan hosted spring practice at IMG Academy in March.

If the Georgia coach is implying any intent on our part to break rules, he is barking up the wrong tree.

— Coach Harbaugh (@CoachJim4UM) February 24, 2016

Safe to say though, that the two will probably play nice when they get together next month.