The smoke and flares at the Polish Cup final was terrifying

There were some crazy scenes from today's Polish Cup final between Lech Poznan and Legia Warsaw.

It was a battle of the best fan displays from either end of the National Stadium Warsaw.

Legia Warsaw's fans made a statement with their march to the stadium.

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Legia Warsaw fans today for Cup match vs.Lech

— It's an ultra life (@itsultralife01) May 2, 2016

Then they showed off this banner and fireworks display from the Legia Warsaw stands that turned into a pretty heavy smoke cloud.

Polish Cup: Lech Poznan - Legia Warszawa 02.05.2016.
Via @LegiaNet

— It's an ultra life (@itsultralife01) May 2, 2016

Then there was this fiery response from the Lech Poznan crowd.

Lech Poznan fans tonight on match vs.Legia

— It's an ultra life (@itsultralife01) May 2, 2016

And this was all BEFORE THE GAME.

Polish Cup: Lech Poznan - #Legia Warszawa 02.05.2016.

— It's an ultra life (@itsultralife01) May 2, 2016

After the smoke cleared, Legia battled out to a 1-0 win over Lech Poznan.