The Seattle Seahawks arguably have the best -- and loudest -- fans in football. They even have their own name: the 12s. The fans in Seattle aren't the only ones who support the Seahawks, though. That's because they had more players on the NFLPA's merchandise sales list than any other team.

The NFLPA released its list of the top-50 players in terms of merchandise sales for last season, and the Seahawks were well represented.

Seattle had six players in the top 50, which was the most in the league. Those six players were as follows: Russell Wilson (No. 3), Richard Sherman (No. 14), Marshawn Lynch (No. 15), Jimmy Graham (No. 22), Kam Chancellor (No. 40) and Earl Thomas (No. 50). The next closest? The Green Bay Packers, who had four.

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As far as individual sales go, Tom Brady was No. 1, which isn't all that surprising. His popularity never wavered even after the Deflategate saga.

Here are some other highlights from the list:

"Colin Kaepernick was the top seller for player-identified caps from New Era and Lids"

Despite being on the sidelines for much of the season, Kaepernick (No. 13 overall) is doing just fine -- and it's all thanks to his hats.

Peyton Manning was No. 1 in jersey sales

Tom Brady was first in overall sales, but Manning reigned supreme in jersey sales. He was followed by Cam Newton, Von Miller, Brady and Rob Gronkowski.

Von Miller (No. 24) made the list for the first time in his career

The Super Bowl MVP saw a huge spike in merchandise sales, probably because he was unstoppable and unblockable in the playoffs. Just ask Cam Newton about that.

The Cowboys and Patriots are the only teams to have two players in the top 10

With Brady (No. 1) and Rob Gronkowski (No. 8), as well as Dez Bryant (No. 5 -- top non-quarterback) and Jason Witten (No. 10), it's clear the Patriots and Cowboys are two of the most popular teams in the NFL.

Marcus Mariota (No. 16) was the highest-ranked rookie in overall sales

The Titans quarterback beat out Jameis Winston (No. 30) as the best-selling rookie in terms of merchandise sales.

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