Colin Kaepernick appears to have lost some weight while he rehabs

It appears Colin Kaepernick has lost a few pounds while he continues to rehab. The San Francisco 49ers quarterback, who underwent surgeries on his right thumb and knee in January, was spotted on the set of "Teen Mom 2" when he ran into Cole DeBoer, one of the dads on the show.

DeBoer decided to capture the moment and post the shot on Instagram.

What a pleasure meeting and talking with @kaepernick7 on set at #TM2 @nessnitty and @kaepernick7 are wonderful people.

A photo posted by Cole DeBoer (@coledeboer) on

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Judging from that photo Kaepernick is in need of a haircut and maybe a protein shake. The quarterback, who used to celebrate by kissing his biceps, might be trying to slim down to improve his flexibility. Or his workout regimen could be hampered by all of those injuries.