Richard Sherman shares the greatest trash talking story he's ever heard

Earlier, we told you about Richard Sherman's absolutely hysterical comments about NFL Draft 'experts' which came in a fascinating and enjoyable interview with GQ. But as it turns out, that quote about might not have even been the most interesting thing Sherman said in the interview.

Instead, it came on the subject of trash talk. Sherman is never one to shy away from a good back-and-forth with another player -- U Mad Bro? -- yet he readily admits that the best trash talk he's ever seen wasn't his own, but instead, someone else's.

So what happened that was so juicy, Sherman can't stop talking about it all these years later?

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Here are the details courtesy of GQ:

The funniest one I've ever heard is when a guy famously grabbed a ref during a TV timeout and brought him over to a player on the other team and made the ref tell the other player that the first guy made way more money than this guy and that this guy would never be half the player. He made the ref say that. I mean using the ref to trash talk? That was awesome. There's nothing topping that. I don't even want to say the best I've said, because it's nowhere near that.

That really is a fascinating story, although it does raise a couple questions. Mainly, who is this ref, and why did he agree to be a pawn in this unnamed player's game of mental chess? As great as the smack talk was (and it was incredible) doesn't it kind of go against the whole "refs are supposed to be neutral" narrative we're led to believe?

Probably, but it doesn't take away from just how incredible the idea was ... which raises another question too.

If Richard Sherman wasn't behind this brilliant, diabolical idea, who was?