A history of Derrick Henry making football players look tiny

The Green Bay Packers are marveling at Eddie Lacy's impressive new physique after the running back reportedly lost around 15 pounds over the offseason after the team was unhappy with his playing weight in 2015. The photos of Lacy that have emerged over the last few months show a stark difference, but one recent photo from the Alabama Crimson Tide spring game stands out from the rest - and it's not necessarily because of Lacy's weight loss.

Derrick Henry was built in a lab

— Josh Mensch (@JoshMenschNFL) April 18, 2016

Former Crimson Tide star Derrick Henry, who stands 6-foot-2 and weighed in at 247 pounds at the NFL combine, makes Lacy look like a college freshman by comparison. Wherever Henry goes, he stands out in comparison to his peers.

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Mark Ingram

Mark Ingram next to Derrick Henry before title game last night

— Mike Golic (@espngolic) January 12, 2016

Alabama RB Xavian Marks (No. 31)

Current Titans fullback Jalston Fowler (2013)

Jalston Fowler is like 6'1" 245lbs. Look how small he looks next to Derrick Henry, our new RB. Good luck everybody

— Jacob Vickery (@duck_rtr) March 19, 2013

Former Jaguars star Fred Taylor (2012)

"@DerekTysonESPN: Fred Taylor congratulating Derrick Henry on his performance." ... Lots of small kids looking up #hero

— RK (@richardkite54) September 29, 2012

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