A Saturday night outdoor movie experience at the Tennessee Titans' stadium turned into chaos when somebody forgot to disable the sprinklers.

The annual event drew a big crowd of families to watch "Minions" from the field and stands on Saturday, but everything didn't go exactly as planned.

It all started off fine ... just look how happy these people are.

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Fun night at @titans Movie Night Minions at @nissanstadium #titans #titanup #minions pic.twitter.com/WQ32PJbGnm

— Jason Rittenberry (@JMRittenberry) April 17, 2016

#Titans #MovieNight @NissanStadium What a great event, pic.twitter.com/0IPGnQ45Qx

— J Wheeler (@JWheeler615) April 17, 2016

Then the waterworks hit to literally rain on everyone's parade. Whoops!

Family movie night at @NissanStadium ... Forgot to turn off the sprinklers. pic.twitter.com/tonlG9qOOL

— Erin Zeigler (@erinczeigler) April 17, 2016

At the Titans Movie Night and the sprinklers came on and drenched a whole bunch of people. pic.twitter.com/3chNRJk3TA

— Bo Link (@knilob) April 17, 2016

The sprinklers coming on at Titans family movie night and drenching everyone is so Titans it hurts. https://t.co/FSKS0qCCXJ

— Clay Travis (@ClayTravis) April 17, 2016

(h/t to SBNation)