No news isn't always good news. In fact, for some people, waiting for news can be downright aggravating.

Just ask Tony Stewart.

The three-time NASCAR Sprint Cup Series champion has been sidelined all season because of a burst fracture of his L1 vertebra suffered in an off-road accident while on vacation on Jan. 31.

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On the Stewart-Haas Racing website, Stewart gave an update to his condition, which basically said he remains in a holding pattern.

"We won't know anything until the end of the month, when we go get scanned again," Stewart said. "Unfortunately, it's a lot of waiting right now, which is about to drive me crazy."

The wait certainly is frustrating, given that racers are not known for their patience.

"Tomorrow, in my heart (I could be back) but, the reality is, I'm 45 and I don't know how fast my bones are healing," Stewart said. "It's not like you go in there every week and get scanned and (get) an update. The hard part is literally waiting until we get scanned and they'll have a better idea when we can get back in. In the meantime, you're just waiting."

This is Stewart's final season of full-time Sprint Cup racing and it remains to be seen how many races Stewart will actually be able to run.

"I feel confident that when they say I'm ready, I will be ready," Stewart said of his doctors. "Breaking a leg or an arm is a lot different than when you have something going on in your back because that is your core, (and it) is important to make sure it gets healed right. This is important to make sure it heals right, but it hasn't stopped me from pushing the envelope here and there just to see where I'm at."

And so for now, all Stewart can do it wait.

"The doctor has to go to NASCAR to clear me, so there's no point in going through the agony (of questioning) when it's still in their hands," he added. "It's literally about doing what they tell you to do and, when they say it's time to go, it's time to go."