France's Ligue 2 is now sponsored by Domino's

Pretty much every little kid dreams of being a professional soccer player. They grow up kicking the ball around their backyards, dribbling around trees and imagining themselves scoring the winning goal in the 90th minute.

Little kids also love pizza*. Which makes the new title sponsor of France's second division perfect.

Welcome, the Domino's Ligue 2!

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Domino's est le partenaire idéal et désormais OFFICIEL de vos soirées foot ! #DominosLigue2

— Domino's France (@dominos_pizzafr) April 14, 2016

That is the new name of the league thanks to the sponsorship by Domino's France. Now every child can dream of being a professional soccer player and eating pizza all in one.

Seeing as Domino's allows you to order a pizza using the pizza emoji, will it be possible to turn on a Ligue 2 match with a pizza emoji? Or can you order a pizza with the soccer ball emoji? Or basically anything else emoji related because this is 2016 and emojis are so fetch.**

* Fine, we all love pizza. Will someone send me some pizza?

** Stop trying to make fetch happen.