On Tuesday, Jim Harbaugh had some fiery quotes about the NCAA's recent satellite camp ban. You can read them all here, but one quote stood out above all others, when Harbaugh essentially called Hugh Freeze "lazy" after the Ole Miss coach said he was in favor of the satellite camp ban, because he wanted to spend more time with his family.

In case you missed it, here was Harbaugh's exact quote:

"You've got a guy sitting in a big house, making $5 million a year, saying he does not want to sacrifice his time. That is not a kindred spirit to me. What most of these coaches are saying is they don't want to work harder."

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Mercy! Say what you want about Jim Harbaugh, but the man is not afraid to speak his mind.

And to his credit, apparently Freeze isn't afraid to speak his mind either.

After hearing about Harbaugh's quotes, Freeze went on ESPN Radio Wednesday morning.

And when the topic of Harbaugh's quotes came up, Freeze had a spectacular response as well.

"I probably should've said that a little differently, but I'll never apologize for wanting to be a father and a husband," Freeze said Wednesday morning, according MLive.com. "I miss enough volleyball games (and other things), that is a priority for me. ... I think we work very hard, I don't think working hard is an issue. If you're asking me if I want to add more nights away from my wife and kids, I do not."

Then, like Harbaugh did on Tuesday, Freeze came directly at Harbaugh:

"I've been very complimentary of coach Harbaugh and him thinking out of the box. But we're probably not a kindred spirit in regards to making comments toward other coaches in our great profession in public forums like he has done. We're not real kindred in that regard. But I have great respect for the way he challenges and thinks outside the box. He's done some neat things."

Man, forget Yankees-Red Sox, Lakers-Celtics or Alabama-Auburn, I'm starting to think "Harbaugh vs. the SEC" is the best rivalry going in sports right now. Remember, Freeze is just the latest SEC coach Harbaugh has gone after this winter, after he shook things up with both Georgia's Kirby Smart and Tennessee's Butch Jones just a few months back.

At the same time, credit to Freeze: It was a classy way to respond, while also firmly getting his point across.

If there's ever an excuse to cut back on time in the office, family is always a good one.