Urijah Faber found himself in a tough spot recently when singer Justin Bieber and the UFC's New King got into a brief feud over social media. Bieber took it upon himself to trash Diaz's fighting style after he finished Conor McGregor, and Diaz responded by saying the Canadian deserved a Stockton slapping for his disrespect.

The two made up and Faber was relieved. "I think he got a little bit of humble pie when he started talking about Nate's technique because Nate is a savage beast in this sport who has put in so much time and so much effort," the bantamweight title contender said.

"So, I saw them take a picture together, which I was happy about because I'm a Bieber fan and Diaz is a good friend of mine. I'm glad that Diaz didn't slap him."

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Faber is savvy enough to be happy when celebrities like Bieber become fans of MMA. "It's great. They should be fans of our sport -- it's the greatest sport in the world," he continued.

"I like that he likes the sport and that other people like the sport. They should. We're doing battle. We're gladiators. I appreciate everything they do as well. I loved to be entertained by the entertainment community -- it's mutual respect, for sure."

Bieber has made it widely known that he has trained a little bit, so we have to wonder how the young man might do should he ever decide to actually fight. Faber was gracious in predicting how Bieber could do.

"This is all relative to him learning the sport but a guy like that has confidence. That's the biggest part of our sport, is self-confidence, and self-belief. So, yeah, I think Bieber would be good," he reasoned.

"Now, we have to learn a hard lesson of what you need to do, of course, but I heard he trains with Floyd [Mayweather Jr.] so, why not? I'm not someone to tell someone else that they're going to get beat up. That's a very personal thing, and we can test it out by throwing him in a cage. Bieber might be able to kick everyone's ass. Probably not, but ..."