John Gibbons ignited a controversy Tuesday when he claimed baseball's new slide rules make a joke out of the game. His rant went a step too far when he continued on to say, "Maybe we'll come out wearing dresses tomorrow" as if that would prove how much of a joke he believes the game has become.

But while the comments did not go over well with fans on Twitter Tuesday night and Wednesday morning, Gibbons was not willing to apologize for them ahead of Wednesday's matinee game.

Gibbons: "It was meant as a little humour. My mom, my wife, my daughter found it kind of funny ... (1of2) #BlueJays

— Gregor Chisholm (@gregorMLB) April 6, 2016

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... They know me. I do think the world needs to lighten up a bit. So, I'll move on from that." #BlueJays (2of2)

— Gregor Chisholm (@gregorMLB) April 6, 2016

Gibbons will attempt to redirect fans' focus to play on the field when the Blue Jays search for their second win of the season against the Tampa Bay Rays Wednesday afternoon.