Houston Astros outfielder Carlos Gomez talks a bit, usually wears a smile and -- gasp -- has fun playing baseball. He's even brought Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers' dabbing to baseball, which may send Goose Gossage into an even deeper tailspin about "kids today."

Dab on 'em. pic.twitter.com/PJ3UY7nUtd

— MLB GIFS (@MLBGIFs) March 9, 2016

Former Cincinnati Reds flamethrowing relief pitcher Rob Dibble, a member of the "Nasty Boys" and now a radio host, recently took issue with Gomez, who by the way wasn't asked to hit for power early in his career:

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It's amazing to me a guy like Carlos Gomez talks as much crap as he does with 103 HR's in 3,500 abs in 9 yrs.

— Rob Dibble (@robdibble49) March 29, 2016

But watch what happens after Gomez, who wasn't alerted by Dibble (with an @) caught wind of it:

@robdibble49 Thx 4 the motivation, I'm still here having fun and #FeelingSexy have a great day and God bless you! https://t.co/A5pUreJO20

— Carlos Gomez (@RealCarlosGomez) March 29, 2016

@RealCarlosGomez I like that! GoodLuck this year! GodBless you too!!!

— Rob Dibble (@robdibble49) March 29, 2016

Kill 'em with kindness and blessings. That's how you take a troll and turn him into putty.