Cruel L.A. Rams billboard disrespects the city of St. Louis

It's been a rough few months in St. Louis for football fans, and this new billboard unveiled in Los Angeles paid for by a clothing company may have taken things too far. The billboard, which does not include any official logos and reads "Los Angeles > St. Louis," sits on the corner of Highland Ave. and Franklin Ave in Hollywood.

Our latest billboard is now up! Los Angeles Ram's stars Todd Gurley, Trumaine Johnson, Tavon Austin are all homies, so what better way to welcome the guys than a billboard in the middle of the busiest intersection in Hollywood? Over a million people will drive past this billboard and now they know how we're feeling about the Rams big move. I can't imagine St. Louis is going to be too happy with this one, but we love our city. #NoApologies #BlakeRicciardiTakeover #PopularDemand

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@PopularDemand @RamsNFL keeping it classy, LA.

— Tom Beckerle (@TomBeckerle) March 28, 2016

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@PopularDemand @RamsNFL your city blows

— Jim Kelly (@jimmybart) March 24, 2016

@PopularDemand My cats excrement has more class and originality than you guys. What an embarrassment you guys are. Fake & moronic "Fanbase"

— Ryan Hoppe (@ryanhopperadio) March 28, 2016

@PopularDemand @RamsNFL This company is as classless as the NFL. #perfectmatch

— Greg Stone (@TheStoneCold00) March 28, 2016