The NFL made a handful of rule changes on Tuesday, announcing seven adjustments for the upcoming season. On Wednesday, however, the league shared two massive changes that will likely have an immediate impact on the game.

In addition to players being ejected for being penalized twice in one game for specific unsportsmanlike conduct penalties, touchbacks will now be brought out to the 25-yard line on kickoffs. The league's hope is to limit the number of kick returns, though some believe it could have an opposite effect by leading teams to avoid kicking the ball into the end zone.

Pat McAfee of the Indianapolis Colts doesn't plan to change his kicking style, though. In fact, the punter and kickoff specialist is pumped about the rule change. McAfee plans to boot every kickoff through the end zone, given the minuscule increase in odds for a touchdown. Gotta get those stats up.

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Only a 1% better chance of scoring from 25 than from 20.. From a strategy point.. Imma bat a 1000 on touchbacks this year #ColtsNation

— Pat McAfee (@PatMcAfeeShow) March 23, 2016

A fan offered a special rule change for McAfee on Twitter ...

@PatMcAfeeShow new rule for you and you only .. You have to kick left footed on kickoffs

— Brett Kern (@brettkern6) March 23, 2016

... which generated a funny response from the punter.