Now that Peyton Manning has officially turned the page on his illustrious NFL playing career, let us take time to appreciate some of the greatest fantasy football performances from his 18-year legacy. Here is a Top-5 countdown of his highest fantasy totals:

Editor's note: Fantasy points are determined by 25 yards = 1 pt and passing TD = 4 pts

5. Week 5 (10/5/2014) vs. Arizona Cardinals

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31/47, 479 passing yards, 4 TDs (35.16 fantasy points)

Not only was this a tremendous act by Manning, but he also joined Brett Favre with his 500th career TD. Demaryius Thomas didn't catch that touchdown, but he did score twice in the game and amassed 226 receiving yards on eight catches.

4. Week 13 (12/1/2013) @ Kansas City Chiefs

22/35, 403 passing yards, 5 TDs (36.12 fantasy points)

Manning loved to face the Chiefs. Out of the 14 career matchups, Manning's team was 12-2 against Kansas City with 28 TD passes. In this contest, Eric Decker was the benefactor. Decker caught eight passes for 174 yards and four TDs.

3. Week 4 (9/28/2003) @ New Orleans Saints

20/25, 314 passing yards, 6 TDs (36.56 fantasy points)

Most people only remember Manning's Super Bowl 44 loss to the Saints, but he had a very successful outing in New Orleans, too. It only took 20 completions for The Sheriff to fire six bullets into the end zone. Marvin Harrison has caught the most touchdown passes from Manning and Harrison received three of his 112 TD receptions in this game.

2. Week 8 (10/31/2004) @ Kansas City Chiefs

25/44, 472 passing yards, 5 TDs (38.88 fantasy points)

In 2004, Manning had the best passing season of his Indianapolis Colts tour. During that campaign, he threw for 49 touchdowns and 4,557 yards. He also compiled four games with at least five TD passes. One of which was this game against the Chiefs. Both Harrison and Reggie Wayne caught two TDs and tallied 119 receiving yards. Unfortunately, Manning's Colts still lost the game, 45-35.

1. Week 1 (9/5/2013) vs. Baltimore Ravens

27/42, 462 passing yards, 7 TDs (46.48 fantasy points)

All eyes were on the electric Broncos' offense on the opening night of the 2013 NFL season. Manning tied the league record by throwing for seven touchdowns. This was also the coming-out party for the Orange Julius (now the Turquoise Thomas?). Julius Thomas caught five passes for 110 yards and two TDs.

Honorable mentions:

Week 15 (12/14/2003) vs. Atlanta Falcons
25/30, 290 passing yards, 5 TDs (31.6 fantasy points)

Week 12 (11/25/2004) @ Detroit Lions
23/28, 236 passing yards, 6 TDs (33.44 fantasy points)

Week 4 (9/25/2000) vs. Jacksonville Jaguars
23/36, 440 passing yards, 4 TDS (33.6 fantasy points)

Week 10 (11/9/2014) @ Oakland Raiders
31/44, 340 passing yards, 5 TDs (33.6 fantasy points)

Thank you, Peyton, for the memories and we look forward to seeing you enshrined in 2020 at Canton, Ohio.