Peyton Manning officially called it a career on Monday, announcing his retirement from the NFL after 18 seasons. He has the intellect and work ethic to become a great front office guy or a media analyst in the future, but that stage of his career will come after some quality family time.

Manning mentioned that he plans to take a vacation and hit the links with his two brothers, Cooper and Eli, as most retirees would. After that, who knows.

If Manning ever needs a playing partner on the course -- not that he would -- Tiger Woods is available. There's just one condition: Peyton has to give him strokes.

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Woods paid tribute to No. 18 with a series of tweets following Manning's press conference, saying he "revolutionized" the quarterback position.

It was an honor to watch #18 for all these years. He revolutionized the position.

— Tiger Woods (@TigerWoods) March 7, 2016

Additionally, Woods shared excitement for the chance to play golf with Manning more often now, while also ribbing himself in the process.

Now we can play more golf in the future, but this time I need shots.

— Tiger Woods (@TigerWoods) March 7, 2016

Woods wasn't done there. He's also thankful that his Oakland Raiders will have a better chance at winning the AFC West with Manning out of the picture.

Also my Raiders have a better chance of finishing higher than 4th in the division now.

— Tiger Woods (@TigerWoods) March 7, 2016

There's little doubt the Broncos will take a step back without Manning at the helm, despite his struggles in 2015. What's questionable about Woods' tweets is whether or not Manning would actually have to give him shots.

Woods said he just started hitting 9-irons a week ago, meaning his back is nowhere near healthy. He likely couldn't make it through 18 holes at this point in time, and if he could, Manning would probably still take his money.

Not only was Manning an outstanding quarterback, but he's a great golfer. He boasts a 4.0 handicap index, which is better than most professional athletes. We may just need a Peyton-Tiger match play showdown sometime soon to settle this one.