The United States held a massive vote in the 2016 Presidential race this week during a day traditionally called "Super Tuesday" when 12 states cast ballots in the Democratic and Republican primaries.

While places like Virginia, Vermont and Texas all voted for different candidates, California wasn't one of the states involved in the primary vote on Tuesday but that didn't stop a whole lot of people from there lying about it on camera.

In fact, UFC welterweight Jake Ellenberger happened to be one of the people polled by "Jimmy Kimmell Live" on a segment that aired after "Super Tuesday" concluded.

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Unfortunately, Ellenberger fell directly into the trap and responded that he definitely voted for Donald Trump during the non-existent presidential primary in California.

To make matters worse, Ellenberger even said he got charged $10 for the right to vote during the primary that didn't take place.

Just in case Ellenberger is curious when he can really cast his vote -- California heads to the ballot box on June 7. One more thing -- they don't charge for admittance.