Move over, Yoenis: Dustin Pedroia's custom tank-Jeep is a formidable machine

New York Mets hero Yoenis Cespedes has stolen headlines all week with his flashy assortment of cars he's driven to spring training workouts. First there was his Polaris Slingshot, then a sleek Lamborghini.

His former Boston Red Sox teammate Dustin Pedroia, meanwhile, arrived at the club's spring training facility on Monday in his own sweet ride: a custom-made Jeep with a sheet metal pickup bed.

Apparently, there is only one other model of this exact type in the world, according to Pedroia:

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Dustin Pedroia's Jeep. Only two like it in the world, according to Pedroia.

— Sean McAdam (@Sean_McAdam) February 22, 2016's Henry McKenna did some digging and found out some specs about Pedroia's machine. He quotes Davis Speight of the Dallas Jeep dealer involved in the creation as explaining how the Bandit was made:

"We take the back end of that Jeep, and cut it off," said Speight. "Then it has a bed of essentially a Toyota Tacoma. Then we mount that onto the frame, which extends the car 38 inches."

McKenna notes that the truck could sell for "as much as $300,000" but adds that Starwood Motors (which has a detailed page describing the Bandit's specifications) said Pedroia paid "significantly less" for his truck.