Steve Novak will soon play for the ninth team in his NBA career. So far he's suited up for the Rockets, Clippers, Mavericks, Spurs, Knicks, Raptors, Jazz and Thunder.

On Thursday before the NBA trade deadline, the Thunder sent Novak to the Nuggets, for whom he won't play a game since they're buying out his contract and making him available to help another team in playoff contention.

For a guy who's been in the league for 10 seasons, that kind of hectic journey through the league can create quite a toll on a family, especially young kids who have no idea how the NBA business works.

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Like Novak's young son, for instance. Novak tweeted a funny picture on Thursday of his son shooting on a Knicks hoop while wearing a Thunder jersey and Jazz shorts, saying there's no wonder he's confused by his dad's professional life.

Knicks hoop, Thunder jersey, and Jazz shorts...and you wonder why the lil homie is confused! #TradeDeadline 😂

— STEVE NOVAK (@stevenovak16) February 18, 2016

If Dwyane Wade can help it, little Novak will be adding the Miami Heat to his collection of gear.