New York Mets closer Jeurys Familia is upping the ante for walk-up and entrance songs.

In a piece for the Players' Tribune, Familia reveals that he has been in the studio working up his own personalized entrance song for the coming season with Dominican bachata artist Zacarías Ferreíra.

"For the past few days, Zacarías and I have been in the studio in New York collaborating on a brand new tune -- my 2016 entrance music," the article reads. "We're still working on it, but trust me, it's going to be something special."

The 26-year-old Dominican reliever says he has been a longtime fan of Zacarías and was introduced to him by his agent.

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Zacarías posted photos of the two in the studio to his Instagram page.

Gracias Jeurys por tu amabilidad y admiración. Es un placer el poder trabajar este proyecto juntos. Dios te bendiga. #Regrann from @jeurys27 - Reunion de negocios gracias zacaria por darme la oportunidad de conocerte y a la vez trabajar contigo bleess.

A photo posted by Zacarias Ferreira (@zacariasferreiraoficial) on

Compartiendo con Jeurys Familia. #ZacariasFerreira #jeurysfamilia #mets

A photo posted by Zacarias Ferreira (@zacariasferreiraoficial) on

Me siento honrado y agradecido de poder componer una canción para el gran pitcher dominicano Jeurys Familia. En estos días he compartido con él en el estudio de grabación. Y agradezco la admiración, y el cariño manifestado hacia mi persona y mi música. Es muy emocionante para mí poder hacer una canción que lo motive cuando salga a lanzar. #ZacariasFerreira #jeurysfamilia #mets

A photo posted by Zacarias Ferreira (@zacariasferreiraoficial) on

As traditional organ music has been gradually phased out of ballparks, teams have granted batters the option to select the song that plays as they walk up to the plate.

Not long after that practice began, closers were given their choice of music as they jogged out of the bullpen and onto the mound.

A player collaborating with a music artist on the tune that plays as he walks up to the plate or the mound takes the phenomenon to an entirely different level.

And we have a feeling this is only the beginning.