It seems as though we can add O'Brien Schofield of the Atlanta Falcons to the list of people who are ready to sound off on the Josh Norman drama. As the Falcons and Carolina Panthers are set to square off in Week 16, Schofield was asked whether he believes Norman goes over the line, and had a pretty direct answer, as well as an example to hand out on the topic.

Via Vaughn McClure of ESPN:

"Absolutely," Schofield said. "Absolutely he does."

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"We had some stuff with him with how he was acting in the pregame where he was over in our area where the linebackers do their thing," Schofield explained. "Brich [linebackers coach Jeff Ulbrich] asked him to move. Norman slow-walked him. He looked at coach and started walking slower.

"Those type of things, man, it's OK to have confidence and try to be a certain player. If you continue to do that stuff and set that standard for yourself, then you're going to get situations like Odell Beckham Jr., where people aren't going to put up with it."

Norman has been basically painted as the villain for the past few weeks now, and it seems that Schofield is just adding on to that at this point. It'll be worth watching Norman this weekend when he faces off with another elite wide receiver in Julio Jones.