If there was any question about whether or not the Carolina Panthers would be all out to get a victory to get to 15-0 in Week 16, Ron Rivera is now ready to put that to bed it seems. With the Panthers facing a game that has "value," as he puts it, Rivera spoke like a man expected to have zero interest in resting anyone against the Atlanta Falcons.

Via Max Henson of Panthers.com:

Rivera: "This next game has value. I like the fact that there is value." Panthers of course determined to clinch homefield advantage.

-- Max Henson (@PanthersMax) December 21, 2015

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Josh Alper of Pro Football Talk also reported that when Rivera spoke during his Monday press conference, that he stated he would not think about resting healthy starters if there's something to play for.

With homefield advantage on the line, there's no reason to possibly believe that Rivera would do anything other than try to keep the undefeated season going.