Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump recently proposed a ban on all Muslim travel to the United States, and at least two Detroit Lions find that off-putting

Lions safety Isa Abdul-Quddus and running back Ameer Abdullah are both practicing Muslims. On Wednesday, like many other Americans, they responded to Trump's proposed ban.

Abdul-Quddus said this is a typical Trump tactic, according to Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press, so he's not losing any sleep over it:

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Abdullah is a little more concerned about this type of rhetoric and the effect it can have on a group of people the size of Trump's following. He encouraged potential voters to educate themselves, via the Free Press:

It was one of them things that I kind of look at the person before I look at the comment because Trump says a lot of things for shock value to get people to hear him and listen to him and stuff, just to put his face in the public. So I don't really feel much disrespect when he said that, cause he already said he wanted to label us, he wanted everybody to have an ID. So I just kind of chalk it up as a guy that's pretty ignorant.

Political conversation can get pretty nasty, especially when a candidate as controversial as Trump is running for president. Yet, Abdul-Quddus and Abdullah were both able to share their opinions gracefully and without using vitriolic speech.

There's too many people in this country to account for to have everyone think a certain way, think a positive way. But like I said, when you have someone like him say some things, a large following that he has -- he has a very large following -- it's kind of disappointing from my perspective. But I just encourage everyone to educate yourself before you take a stance on something that you may not really know about. It's a very foreign thing for this country. The majority of this country are Christians. So I just encourage them to educate themselves.

Abdul-Quddus echoed Abdullah's general sentiment when making a closing comment on the issue, per the Free Press:

Who knew an NFL locker room would be a source of such insightful political discourse?