Dirk Koetter is one of many who didn't love seeing Tampa Bay's young franchise quarterback diving head first towards the goal line.

Kim Klement USA TODAY Sports

While Jameis Winston's diving attempt to get the Tampa Bay Buccaneers a late score and lead over the Dallas Cowboys in Week 10 nearly ended in disaster, the play apparently had offensive coordinator a bit on edge for multiple reasons.

As Andrew Astleford of ESPN reports, Koetter was feeling a bit queasy as the play was going on.

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"I feel sick to my stomach," Bucs offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter said. "There's no question he's willing to do anything. You can never question Jameis' heart. So from that standpoint -- shoot, I tell Lovie to talk to him about that because he's not listening to me. You can't question his heart, but that is a very dangerous play.

"It's dangerous injury [potential] to me, No. 1, which would hurt our football team. And second, as many times as you see guys do that, they fumble it a lot. So I would rather see him go low and try to get it across that way. Again, you can't coach every single thing out of these guys. Their instincts take over and they're playing football."

While Koetter makes a few valid points, it's also pretty fortunate that the Buccaneers got it back after the fumble. On the other side, it's hard to blame Winston for seeing the goal line and simply attempting to do everything in his power to get across it late in the game.

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