Rafael Bush sounded off on the firing of Rob Ryan, and put the blame on himself and the rest of the defense.

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Rafael Bush was one of many players who were sad to see Rob Ryan's time with the New Orleans Saints come to a close. He specifically opened up about it on his Instagram account, as you can see below.

Talk about a person that always had his players back it was this guy hate to see him go personally enjoyed it just know it wasn't his fault we let him down we didn't have his back we didn't do enough to prevent this. This ones on us

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It's a strong message from Bush, who states that it wasn't Ryan's fault, but that the defense let down their coach.

Ryan should catch on somewhere else sooner than later, but his time with the Saints had definitely hit a rough patch, and it seemed as though things weren't going to turn around anytime soon.

(h/t The Times-Picayune)

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