President Obama is a big Bulls fan. Jeff Haynes AP Photo

President Obama is a big fan of professional basketball, and was even in attendance on opening night to see his favorite team, the Chicago Bulls, take on LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

He's followed the Bulls closely, so when he assesses what he's seeing these days out of Derrick Rose -- as he did in a recent interview with GQ -- it's worth paying attention.

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Q: Who's more untradable, Derrick Rose or Jay Cutler?

A: [pause] Oh, I think Rose still has more upside. Remember, Rose is still awfully young.

Q: So you haven't given up on Rose?

A: I've not given up on him. Sadly, I think it's hard to imagine, after that many injuries, him getting back to his MVP-season performance. But he can still be a top-ten point guard.

This isn't exactly a revelation, because with the constant injury issues Rose has been dealing with, it's been tough for him to string together enough games to truly get his rhythm back.