Beno Udrih might not be on the Heat, but he won't be on the Grizzlies. Mark D. Smith USA TODAY Sports

Although we're still not sure exactly where Beno Udrih is going to be heading, we know he won't be with Memphis for that much longer.

Shortly after being reported that Udrih was going to Miami along with Jarnell Stokes in a deal that headlined bringing Mario Chalmers to Memphis, ESPN's Marc Stein reported that the Grizzlies and Heat would actually be looking for a third team to take Udrih. Thus, according to Stein, nothing is official just yet.

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Over at Grizzly Bear Blues, Chris Faulkner said bye to Udrih:

I will miss Beno Udrih. For a while he was probably the greatest backup point guard the Grizzlies have ever had. But time and age can do nasty things.

I will especially miss Beno Udrih the person. He was the perpetual fountain of optimism -- a rare commodity in a city that can harbor a lot of bitterness and cynicism at times.

Please come visit, Beno! You know you'll need your Hog & Hominy fix.

You can click the above link to see an Udrih highlight reel at Grizzly Bear Blues.