Redskins owner Daniel Snyder (pictured) and his lawyers are looking under every rock to find ways to prove his team's nickname is just fine.

Larry French Getty Images North America

RICHMOND, Va. -- As the Washington Redskins defend their federal trademark registration, they're pointing out that the government has registered plenty of companies with offensive names.

Among the names cited by the NFL team: Take Yo Panties Off and Dago Swagg clothing, Midget Man condoms and inflatable sex dolls and Baked By A Negro bakery products.

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The team is appealing a judge's July order canceling its trademark registration. The judge ruled the name Redskins may disparage Native Americans.

In a brief filed with the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, the team says the federal trademark register is "infested with countless trademarks conveying racist and offensive messages" but insists that the name Redskins is not among them.

The Native Americans who challenged the trademark have until Jan. 14 to file their response.