Before the most critical start of his young career, you'd figure New York Mets starting pitcher Noah Syndergaard might be hunkered down in front of a book or TV, meditating, maybe sleeping in or pacing his apartment.

Not exactly. A New York Mets fan posted to Reddit a selfie he says he snapped on the street in the Flatiron district of Manhattan around 1 p.m. Friday. According to the fan, Syndergaard was showing some family members around who were taking photos of the Empire State Building:

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So roughly seven hours before taking the bump in a massively important game for the Mets, down 2-0 to the Kansas City Royals, the 23-year-old Texas native was basically serving as a tour guide.

Based on the photo, he looks cool as a cucumber and that bodes well for him later.

"I feel like being able to watch the past two games has really helped me out and helped me devise a game plan," Syndergaard said.

Stay tuned. Game 3 starts Friday night on FOX at 8:07 p.m. ET.