Although an exciting postseason continues, your favorite team already might be long eliminated.

Well, we've got you covered.

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We've been previewing each team's offseason to-do list since the end of the regular season, and we'll continue to do so each day until the start of free agency.

Our American League previews:


Baltimore Orioles -- offseason preview

Boston Red Sox -- offseason preview

New York Yankees -- offseason preview

Tampa Bay Rays -- offseason preview

Toronto Blue Jays (still to come)


Chicago White Sox (still to come)

Cleveland Indians (still to come)

Detroit Tigers (still to come)

Kansas City Royals (still to come)

Minnesota Twins (still to come)


Houston Astros -- offseason preview

Los Angeles Angels (still to come)

Oakland Athletics (still to come)

Seattle Mariners (still to come)

Texas Rangers -- offseason preview