WATCH: Derrick Rose's teammates appear to give zero ****s about his injury

First question about Derrick Rose's latest injury: How long will he be out? No answer yet.

Question No. 2: Which teammate elbowed him in the face, fracturing an orbital bone and sending him to surgery?

No answer to that either, but some seemingly revealing statements from the Chicago Bulls who spoke to the media Tuesday.

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"It might've been me," forward Taj Gibson said with a smile. "It's just one of those plays where everybody's going so hard and it's real physical out there, so I hope he'll be OK."

Welp. Not exactly a guy getting all emotional over another injury to the Bulls' supposed leader. Not too worried about another setback for Chicago's star-crossed star, who's played in just 100 games the past three seasons.

Jimmy Butler's answers were even better, starting with when he was asked if there was any blood on Rose.

"He rolled over; I don't know," Butler said -- €” also with a smile! "I was probably too busy waiting on the ball to come to me."

But wait! There's more!

"I saw him back in the training room after practice," Butler said. "I guess I'll go have a few words with him after this."

I guess ... I'll go have a few words with him ... maybe ... or whatever.

Jeez. Maybe those comments are too small a sample size, and maybe there's more empathy and anguish for Rose on his team than there appears at a glance. But sheesh. That was exactly one day after Rose said the beef between Butler and him was manufactured by the media.

Or maybe dude really doesn't like you. Either way, Steve Rosenbloom of the Chicago Tribune writes that this latest injury proves the Bulls are Butler's team.

And maybe Rose's teammates really do give zero ****s about his injury ... probably not so much because the guy's played only 100 games in three seasons, but because he's making headlines trying to tell the world he didn't gang rape a former girlfriend, or talking about free agency when it's still two years away.

If this team has a Jonathan Papelbon, that's probably who threw the elbow.